Who is jeydon wale dating

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Before Rochell, he was in an affair with Taylor Kay.But they parted their ways due to some personal reason.Before staying in a relationship with Samm, he dated Taylor Kay back in 2010 apparently he is more focused on his career than his love life and has not stated if he is any other relationships.Jeydon the Canadian born is the oldest sibling in his family with younger brother and sister, but according to some wiki sites, he was rumored to have another sister whom they lost at age three.However, the identity of his parents including his siblings are unavailable. They are happily living their lives with each other.Well, he went to high school in Ontario and receive graduation. There is neither news nor any rumors of the breakup and separation.Having him a broad fan base that made him famous, he was the top 500 Youtube partners, plus he makes collaboration videos with other Youtube stars though of their music.The young are taking over with Jeydon Wale age 25, is a young Youtube star on the prowl to celebrity status.

Parker Wale also stated he joined You Tube to escape bullying and depression.She received a lot of engagement on Instagram, receiving anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 likes per photo from her 190,000 Instagram followers. Jeydon Wale aka Parker J took the help of social media to gain fame and respect in his life.He was first diagnosed with severe Depression at age 11.He has even thought of suicide, which he did try to put to action twice, but failed, because in the end A) his mother caught him THANKFULLY, or B) his notification alarm went off, an it was a fan, a futhermucker, saying how much he's helped them with everything.

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