Worst online dating experience

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We got on really well during our first date, and I didn’t even mind when he insisted that we take it in turns to buy drinks.

But then when it was time to leave, I ordered an Uber to take me home, and he got in, asking if he could share the taxi (even though we live nowhere near each other).

When we pulled up to his flat, he jumped out without offering to pay for his fare.

At first, I wasn’t that put off - until the same thing happened on date number two!

As we turned the corner the street was lit up with blue flashing lights.

The sirens were echoing off the Victorian brick walls and in the distance I saw police tape flickering in the wind.

Sure, I’d never heard him play anything, but his guitar was glued to him and that was good enough for me.

Which can add up to some really, really awkward stories.

Worried that my leg would seize up over the next two and a half hours, I had to keep surreptitiously doing some stretches I remembered from a Tracey Anderson exercise DVD to check it was still working.

It was all very romantic (that, and the fact that we were watching a film about a horse dying on the battlefield of World War One). Boys may come and go, but the Green Cross Code is forever.

I’d been on two dates with this guy that I’d met on Tinder.

When we first started speaking, I initially thought that I had hit the jackpot: he had immaculate grammar when texting (which is very important), was really good-looking and seemed totally normal (or so I thought) in a pool of not-so-normal Tinder men.

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