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Explain in the contract that the agreement was reached prior to the signing date of the contract, if that's the reason for the backdating.Write a clause that states that, although the contract has been signed on this date, the coverage or benefits actually extends back to a prior date. This means we have different pricing for different feature sets and the registration and activation code you receive may limit your use of the software in one way or another.To find out which option is right for you, click on the "more info..." link under the license class.Activation requires your 13 digit serial number you received when you purchased in step 1.You can skip step if you already have the trial installed.If the license is named as an "Installation License" the main restriction is you need to purchase one license serial number for each computer that the program runs on.Can I move the software or reinstall the software in future?

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The purpose of this page is to make users aware of the latest versions and updates to statistical software that is commonly used at UCLA.

You can see which computer labs on campus at UCLA have which software packages installed by visiting The Serial Number purchased must be activated within 12 months.

If a particular piece of software comes with a monthly agreement, you need to be aware of options for ending the contract and what penalties accompany that decision.

When it comes to purchasing the right software for your company, you need to be aware of the software company’s procedures for fixing those bugs when they arise. Even if you purchase a software upgrade the aforementioned 5 for enterprise base all you get is that initial release, and all future updates are available only to Smart Net customers.

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