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He embraces their judgment and doesn't give a f*ck what anyone thinks. A tattooed man is a complicated man, one who has seen a lot in this world and has taken a bite out of life.He's the kind of guy who has grown from the occurrences he's faced and gleaned many a lesson. He isn't afraid to talk to be people and to make new friends from whom he can learn.There isn't anything wrong with choosing to get tattoos; it just takes a certain kind of man to indulge -- one who's romantic, artistic and a little impulsive.Nothing can quite pull attention like the appearance of a well-pronounced tattoo, and nothing is quite as sexy -- unless he has a man bun and a beard, in which case you better put a ring on it, girl.Forget what you were told, the guy with tattoos makes an awesome, passionate boyfriend.

He's aware of the generation before him who think his tattoos are ridiculous and he's aware they think he's some degenerate. His vision is in his tattoos and his heart is reflected in them as well.It's an impassioned, severe romance -- one dripping in sensuality that's impossible to resist. A guy who can handle a needle being dragged across his skin for hours at a time in the name of art is a man worth dating. Even in the most straightforward, uninvolved situations, he can extract meaning. He may not be entirely easygoing, but his infatuation with life is an exquisite thing. He finds imperfection even more enthralling than anything impeccable. He might have done things in his past he isn't proud of, but he'd never cower in shame.There's nothing sexier than a man with two sleeves in a short-sleeved button up shirt. He sees true beauty in things with rough edges, a few cracks and missing pieces. He's the kind of man who owns up to his mistakes and faces them head on.A man who explores the world of tattoos is one geared toward a more artistic means of employment.While this can often be seen as a bad and immature thing, it actually isn't. He likes to take things as they come and when he has an idea, he just rolls with it.

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